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Yoga… Simply style

We put yoga on the timetable at the beginning of 2019, but we wanted to have a class a little different from the usual.

I’ve always loved yoga and the way it makes me feel strong as well as flexible and wanted a class that focused more on the physical results that yoga can provide. I found our fabulous resident yogi, Felicity, oddly at kindergarten orientation and is one of the most energetic people I’ve come across! Her style of yoga was a perfect fit for what I wanted as well her personality – energetic.

We start the class with an active warm up sequence, often around the popular sun salutation sequence to get the muscles warm and ready for what’s ahead. We flow through a series of vinyasa’s or for those that want a slightly less ‘active’ class there is always a short cut! Once we are a little more ‘pliable’ we head into the main section where the theme changes each week. Some weeks its shoulders, other weeks we target the hips, others the hamstrings. There is usually some balance work (which you can avoid!) but the encouragement and belief that Felicity installs in you makes you want to at least give it a crack. I have been astounded at what our clients have pulled off in this class.

We make our way down to the mats for a floor section, but don’t get comfortable as this also tends to involve some sort of challenge be it bridges, wheels, pigeon and the like (they have wonderful Sanskrit names but I can’t pronounce them let alone spell them!)

Finally, its time for relaxation – where we can collapse in corpse pose and reflect on how different our bodies feel now from how they did when we started. It’s a satisfying feeling. The hour passes quickly and because the poses require a certain amount of strength you will feel those muscles telling you that they have just done something! You can feel very proud of yourself! At the end of the session we give thanks and finish the session with a ‘namaste’.

If it’s a quiet contemplative style of yoga that is very slow or stationary with the meditative ‘omms’ then this class may not be your cup of yogi tea. But if you are after strength, flexibility, stability and energy all rolled into one class then this could be for you.

We kick off the week with a class on Monday 9.30am and then alternate Sundays at 4pm for Twilight Yoga. These times apply to term times.

You can book this class via the Simply Fitness app or by contacting the studio directly on 0438 298 413.

We would love to keep adding to our fitness family! If you are curious and want to see what we are all about please feel free to drop me a line and try out a class.