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Why I love Barre

I have been teaching Barre now in the Southern Highlands since 2014. And I love it.

I started this type of fitness class back in the UK where I originate from. It has been big in England since the mid ‘00’s and its easy to see why. I spent a while trying to find a class locally when I arrived in Moss Vale to no avail. I came across Renee Scott’s Barre Attack training course just after the birth of my daughter and found it perfect as a post-partum form of exercise to regain my fitness.

Barre fitness is primarily low impact in its nature but gentle on the joints. The small isometric moves (IE holding your body still whilst you do small concentrated muscle contractions) get right into the muscle and cause those shakes that we can often experience! And of course that wonderful ‘burn’ we get! It also means that the movements strengthen and tone the muscles without increasing bulk as its body weight or small hand weights or therabands. I also love that by using the barre as a prop (hence its name) is that your posture can dramatically be improved as well. It really helps to hold yourself correctly by tucking under your tail bone, opening up the chest and keeping the shoulders down. I found this vital after nursing my baby as I too, developed that wonderful rounded shoulder look! The core work in Barre also helps with strengthening the lower back which

I also love the energised feeling one gets after busting out a 45 min workout. It really does work the whole body and works the cardiovascular system more than you think it would do. And I think we all love the sense that we can relive our childhood dance classes or release that inner ballerina if you never had a chance previously. You just feel taller with longer limbs after a class, I find I carry myself better.

I’m also a runner (a little lapsed at the moment…!) but the exercises preformed during barre I found massively helped the strength and stability of my glutes. And I pretty much owe my success at ‘winging’ half marathons on barre as I could really notice that it was my glutes that were powering me through. I really found that my endurance improved dramatically once I did barre regularly.

I think overall though, its so fun! The music is uplifting and invigorating (and personally I prefer an 80s vibe to this class, maybe it reminds me of Fame and Flashdance….) and it just makes you want to move. It changes from class to class and we use a variety of equipment to keep things fresh. By the time we have spent 45 mins pulsing in 1st and 2nd position, preformed a few arabesques and attitudes and some core work with Pilates balls the time has flown and it didn’t even feel like you were exercising. And who doesn’t love a class like that?!

We would love to keep adding to our fitness family! If you are curious and want to see what we are all about please feel free to drop me a line and try out a class.