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Simply Fitness, Who, Why, What and When

Who, Why, What and When

So, who are Simply Fitness and what do we stand for? How are we different in what is now, quite a crowded local fitness market?

First things first. We are a small, boutique fitness studio located in the heart of Moss Vale established back in 2014. We specialise in small group fitness classes and aim to have classes that are a little different from the usual ones found in other gyms and studios.

I wanted to open up such a place as I wanted to go to a gym that was like the ones I used to go to in London, where I used to live. It dawned on me that there isn’t, or wasn’t at the time, a centre that just focused on classes. There were gyms a plenty, outdoor PTs, bootcamps, PT studios but no where that had a range of more boutique style of classes. So, I created and opened up what I missed.

I love barre and there was no barre class locally, the closest at the time was Sydney. We remedied that problem! TRX is such an awesome piece of equipment and thus, developed classes accordingly. On a recent visit to London I discovered Pilates Stick and just knew that this too, would be a unique and well fitting class to our timetable and so that was born too. We do have quite a few more well known classes too such as yoga, boxing (non contact) circuits, HIIT cardio and mat Pilates too as well a few PT slots to ensure that we offer a range of classes with different training effects.

I also wanted to create an atmosphere that was also different to the other gyms. Who doesn’t love a bit of energy and motivation within a training environment but I had discovered that a lot of people are gym adverse and nervous about being pitted against, intentionally or otherwise, other members. Whilst we promote competition within oneself its not against anyone else. This approach is not for all but there are plenty of places already who do cater for that. We have, instead cultivated a studio that has a more ‘neighbourhood’ feel, a home away from home. A place you can rock up to even when you aren’t feeling your best after a crappy day, see a friendly face and get the workout done, feel better about yourself and get home again. It’s a comfortable place, its not flashy or glitzy. If you happen to have your sweatshirt on inside out there is a good chance that someone else does too!

Our client base is made up from all walks of life. We have stay at home mums, workers, people who work from home, retired folk, younger peeps, the super fit, the not-so-super fit and the rest. They tend to not like regular big gyms or mega busy classes (ours are capped at 8-11 and that was before COVID was even heard of), weight loss isn’t a huge driver for why they are at the gym and rather, their motivation for coming tends be fitness, wellness, mental health, get out of the house, escape the kids, have a bit of fun whilst exercises or all of the above. I can’t control what anyone does once they leave the studio so we leave weight loss programs alone. We run challenges to encourage you to come more and to improve your fitness, something that our classes can help you with directly.

So, if you want a place which feels like a big hug, has some awesomely friendly fellow members, small classes that are a bit different from the usual circuit and strength classes then maybe give us a try.

We would love to keep adding to our fitness family! If you are curious and want to see what we are all about please feel free to drop me a line and try out a class.