Small Group Fitness Classes, Simply Fitness, Southern Highlands


Do I need to be fit to start?

Absolutely not! We cater for all fitness levels in all our classes from the total beginner to the more experienced exerciser. We can and will modify each exercise to make it easier, or harder or indeed, if you have suffered an injury. Our client base is also incredibly friendly and always look forward to welcoming to new clients.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing really! We have all the equipment so there is no need to bring mats etc. Water is always recommended but should you forget yours then we have cold water in the fridge, along with the cold towels.

Am I locked into a contract?

No, we have a range of options to suit the majority of lifestyles and pockets. We have a casual rate of $17 per class, or a 10 visit pass for $145 or an unlimited option of $130 per month (no minimum term, cancel by 26th of the month prior to the month of cancellation).

Do I need to book?

No we have plenty of space in all our classes apart, from TRX yoga as we only have 6 rigs. You can either book by calling 0438 294 813 or book using our Mindbody booking system.

How much are the classes?

$17 for casual class/ pay as you go; $140 for a 10 visit pass; $130 unlimited (best option if you regularly do 10+ sessions per month.

How do I pay?

You can either pay by cash or Visa / Mastercard in the studio or buy online.

How does a studio differ from a regular gym?

In a lot ways really! If you are after large classes with licensed pre choreographed tracks that are repeated for several weeks at a time, then the classes here probably aren’t for you. We have a smaller class size, which allows us to tailor the class content to each and every individual should it be required. And we change the content of all our classes each week to provide variety for the mind and body! There is a great camaraderie between the clients as well, which adds a nice social element. We try to create a ‘friendly neighbour hood’ feel about our studio to provide a personal and welcoming feel to place, with added extras such as complimentary water and toiletries in the bathroom.

Can I bring my children?

Not at all! Whilst we do have a lot of clients who did ballet as a child and its their way of rekindling an old love,many more simply enjoy the type of exercise involved whilst not having to actually dance!

Do I need to be able to run to join Run Club?

Check out our separate FAQ page on Run Club.

With the barre classes do I need previous experience in ballet to attend?

We do have facilities for you to bring your children and toddlers, as well as change facilities and they are more than welcome to attend. However, you are still responsible for them and we do ask that the noise, wherever possible is kept to a minimum as not to disrupt the class for the other clients.

I'm pregnant. Are the classes appropriate for me?

Liz is qualified in pre and post natal exercise prescription and can modify all our sessions to accommodate pregnancy. It is always advised though to seek advice and clearance from your medical practitioner before commencing exercise during this special time.