Small Group Fitness Classes, Simply Fitness, Southern Highlands



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Yoga is a gathering of physical, mental, and profound practices or teaches which started in old India. Yoga is one of the six standard schools of Hindu philosophical customs and combines breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. And in today’s busy world who doesn’t need a bit of time out and ‘centering’.


1 hour class

Focus on postures that are designed align and strengthen the body

Increase flexibility throughout the whole musculoskeletal system

Modifications will be offered to encourage the participation of all fitness levels and abilities

Incorporates a range of sitting, standing and inverted postures with twists, back and forward bends and postures to open up the hips

Variations are available so that the beginner and more advanced client can be involved.

The Sunday class is held on alternate Sundays - PLEASE CALL 0438 294 813 FOR DETAILS. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL FOR SUNDAYS.