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Vinyasa is a style of Yoga where a series of poses are strung together so that you flow seamlessly from one to another using the breath.


Its dynamic nature means a degree of muscular strength is required so it’s a great class to add to your program if this is an area you want to work from. It also develops the body’s mobility and flexibility. Whilst the poses and flows can be adjusted to suit beginners and more seasoned yogis alike, you do have the option of making it quite vigorous and getting that heart rate up! By the end of the session, the body will feel stretched and revitalised! If you are new to yoga, vinyasa is still suitable as the flows are repeated several times which help beginners not to feel too overwhelmed by lots of new poses.


We start off on the mat with some breathing and poses to prepare the body for the sequences that are to follow. Depending on the theme of the session we will move through postures to warm up the muscles required to do the more challenging asanas (should you wish to do them of course!). Some of the poses are more flexibility focused, others are strength and some work on the balance. At the end of the class we spend 5 or so minutes in Shavasana to restore the body and to relaaaaaaxxxxx.


Workout gear that isn’t too restrictive allowing adequate movement. Bare feet tend to be best as socks can slip.

Here’s what our clients have to say…

“I love this style of yoga. Its hard and she puts you through your paces. Its more of a workout than anything” – Chris

“I’ve been looking for a yoga class like this for ages and really pleased I’ve found it here in Moss Vale”. – Jane

“I’ve never been a fan of yoga where you sit still for ages humming. This is the opposite. Its dynamic, active, energetic and feel amazing after every session. I’ve been doing this class for over two years now and it’s the one consistent thing that I have done to improve my upper body strength”. – Liz

Class Times(2)

  • Monday

    09:30 am - 10:30 am

  • Sunday

    04:00 pm - 05:00 pm

    Alternate Sundays. Please call for details!