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TRX is a suspension based training system utilising bodyweight designed to strengthen the body from the inside out. It is made from a series of straps and carabiners attached to an anchor point. This gives the exercises an element of instability, which also works joint and core stability, as well as muscular strength.


The TRX really works the whole body so is great bang for buck! It’s also great for all abilities as the intensity can be changed easily through foot position in relation to the anchor point and/or hand position. And because its unstable you recruit way more muscles than you would do by using just hand weights. The instability also means you have to engage the core for the duration of the workout in order to avoid ‘wobbling’ and this in turn, helps with back health. Working with the instability also promotes greater balance and also, posture. If you are time poor and increased strength is one of your goals then this is the workout for you.

It is also a superb workout if you are involved with other sports such as golf, tennis, running etc. Because you can work each side independently of the other, the TRX can help you strengthen your weaker side. And not only can the suspension trainer be used for resistance work you can also use to aid mobility and flexibility, again vital to keeping your core strong.


We have one person per rig and for the majority of the class the straps are set quite long, as this is the most versatile length. Most of the exercises require a hand on each handle but we also incorporate single handed drills as unilateral work is great for strengthening each side of the body independent of the other. Much of the class is done standing but floor work is also incorporated which is primarily focused on core exercises.


Regular exercise gear is suitable. Sneakers are advised and socks alone can slip. TRX floor work however is fine in just socks or grippy socks.

TRX Total Tone

TRX Variations

Here’s what our clients say about it…

“Its my favourite class, I really enjoy it. Its harder than you think and you feel your triceps for days afterwards! I like that I can change the intensity easily so I don’t have to get new weights all the time so I challenge myself the whole way through and not slack off. I find the balance stuff hard but stoked I can now do a suspended lunge”. – Michelle

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