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This is suspension training using a series of adjustable straps and carabiners. It’s an effective resistance based workout harnessing body weight to perform a countless number of exercises. We adjust intensity as you go by changing the angle of the body. This strengthens many parts of your body, improves joint stability, and reduces lower back pain. It’s great training for anyone involved in running, golf, swimming and much more. Best of all, any fitness level can participate with outstanding results. We also have a TRX inspired yoga class to promote deep stretching and improved flexibility using traditional yoga poses.

TRX Core & TRX Barre Spin Offs

In addition to our main TRX Strength classes we have launched 2 spin off 30 minute express classes. TRX Core is a mainly floor based program where we focus on some of the more advanced moves designed to challenge the abdominal, glute and back muscles. We also throw in a few standing exercises to give the balance and stability a thorough workout!

**Please note: This class is on the advanced side and some knowledge of the TRX is preferred prior to commencing the class. This class is not suitable for clients with bad backs or osteoporosis of the spine.
Also, these classes have restricted numbers and need to be booked. Call 0438 294 813 or download the Simply Fitness App.

And most recently we have TRX Barre! This fun and fast class blends the best elements of TRX Training (balance, instability and core strength) with ballet barre inspired moves to deliver a work out that raises the heart rate, burns the legs and bum and keeps you smiling throughout.


An all over body workout

Core stability challenged with each exercise

Joint stability activated more than with traditional exercises

Easy to regress and progress exercises

Suitable for all levels

Simply Fitness has a range of TRX suspension training based classes. We have great results with our clients and is fast becoming one of the most favoured piece of equipment, thanks to its huge versatility.

So what is suspension training?

It has its origins within the special forces where one soldier made the first suspension based trainer out of parachute webbing and a carabiner, so that he could train when out in the field. They have come on some way since then but that is at least their starting point!

It’s a very effective piece of equipment that takes up little space and just needs an anchor point for support. We attach them to the studio walls but you can do it from a suitable roof beam or use the door attachment and use a door.

In essence you are harnessing your body weight to preform the countless number of possible exercises. You can add or decrease resistance by adjusting your body position thus allowing you to complete a huge number of exercises from the very basic up to the very complex.

It also delivers a total body workout. When using a suspension trainer you have to recruit your core stabilisers in every exercise. A strong core improves your body’s stability, balance and flexibility and you need a strong core to do every day movements and sporting activities as safely and effectively as possible. A strong core also goes some way to help reduce and manage lower back problems.

You also train across all of the body’s planes of motion. We don’t just move forward and backwards. We also move side to side, up and down and diagonally. Suspension trainer exercises are multi planar – again, like your everyday movements. You are not required to sit down and exercise one muscle group in one plane of motion, which is what you do with many machines out there. This means that this form of training is a great compliment to other sports such as running, golf, squash, basketball , swimming to name but a few.

When using the suspension trainer you need to stand for most of the exercises, meaning that you have to recruit your stabiliser muscles as you don’t have seats, supports, etc to do it for you. As a result they get stronger which also helps improve your postural muscles – both are key for effective movement.

TRX Suspension training delivers a total body strength workout by using integrated exercises, which in English means that you are using and strengthening more than one muscle group at a time. Traditional machine based exercises tend to focus on isolation exercises (focus on say, just biceps or shoulders). When recruiting a number of muscle groups your nervous system is challenged resulting in stronger motor patterns, better coordination as well as increased muscle mass ( and this can in turn help with weight management ). Single dimension motor patterns reduce the ability to move in all directions, which can lead to muscle and joint imbalances and reductions in range of motions and ultimately, injuries.

A final benefit is that by adjusting your body position and gravitation in relation to the anchor point means that you can up or down scale the exercise. This means you don’t need a stack of weights every strength session you do. You simply adjust where you stand to make the movements more or less challenging.

TRX Total Tone

TRX Variations