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Solid Core

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Solid Core

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The best core exercises are not necessarily the classic crunches and sit ups. To construct a solid core you have to practice an assortment of 4 sets of muscles: rectus and transverse abdominals, as well as the external and internal obliques.

Having a strong core is not all about having a decent six-pack or conditioned abs. In fact the “core” really comprises of various muscles that run the whole length of the middle, and actually thinking of it as more of a corset would be more accurate.

At the point when these muscles contract, they balance out the spine, pelvis, and shoulder support and make a strong base for the majority of all other movements, so core strengthening programs need to focus on all of these four abdominal muscles to be viable.

So … enter our Solid Core class.


This 45 minute session focuses on all 4 abdominal muscle areas

Mat based

We use a range of equipment such as Pilates balls, small weights, elastic loops and therabands

Classes are amended to suit varying levels of fitness and ability, as well physical limitations such as bad wrists, backs, shoulders for instance

Exercises working through the different planes such as face down (prone) , face up (supine) as well as doing side on work and roll down activites.

In addition to this floor class we have just launched a 30 min express core class using the TRX suspension trainer for those looking for an additional challenge.