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Pilates Arc

Pilates Arc

Pilates Arc

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Moss Vale’s only studio offering group Pilates Arc classes!

The Pilates Arc is famous for it’s versatility with its asymmetric shape, and removable step, allowing for vast range of exercises to improve spinal strength and flexibility whilst simultaneously working on core control.

The Arc has a steep curve on one side and a gentle curve on the other allowing for differing ranges of movement as well providing spinal support, to target those deep core muscles.

We also use the Arc to focus on balance and stretching to create a perfect, all round conditioning session. And when we introduce small weights and Therabands, it really does pack a punch, not just for the abs but for the arms and legs as well.

As we train in small groups we can tailor the sessions the suit all so that clients can work within their own strength and ability levels.


Spinal mobility

Spinal strength

Core conditioning

Improvements in posture



30 min express class

Asymmetrical shaped foam ‘seat’

Variety of mat core exercises transferred to the Arc

Sore abs! (in a good way!)

Classes are amended to suit varying levels of fitness and ability, as well physical limitations such as bad wrists, backs, shoulders for instance

In addition to this floor class we have just launched a 30 min express core class using the TRX suspension trainer for those looking for an additional challenge.

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