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Outdoor Fitness

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Enjoy getting fit in the Great Outdoors with our outdoor fitness sessions. We get the wind on our backs as we spike our energy levels through a heady mix of strength and cardio exercises with a variety of equipment to build muscle and endurance.


Bodyweight, dumbbells and kettle bell strength exercises

Self paced and modifications

Variety of cardio based exercises such as interval training, agility drills and run/ walking, battling ropes, weighted vests and more

Endorphin rush!

Moss Vale and Robertson locations

Outdoor Fitness has risen rapidly in popularity over the past decade and it’s easy to understand why! We are blessed with a great climate in Australia and there isn’t anything quite like the feeling of the wind in your hair to make you feel alive! Simply Fitness’s roots are actually in outdoor training so it’s fantastic to still be able to offer some of our program in the Great Outdoors!

Our entire Robertson program is run from Hampden Park and we do a combination of cardio and strength based workouts with a variety of equipment. They are lots of fun and as per our general policy, they are scaled up or down according to fitness ability and any other requirement.

During the summer months we also have our Monday night boxing class outside, so that our clients can stretch their legs a bit more.

Class Times(1)

  • Friday

    09:15 am - 10:00 am