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**Notice regarding Metafit/ PWR during COVID-19**

As of June 2020, under current restrictions linked to COVID 19 and the guidelines imposed by FItness Australia and Department of Health NSW, MetaPWR will be operated in a slightly different format. We are unable to share equipment within the session so you will be issued equipment at the beginning of the session and you will only use that throughout the workout. Substitutions of exercises will occur where needed. We will also be using the Metafit program a little more as this is purely based on bodyweight exercises.


This is High intensity Training at its best! A short sharp, high energy workout that gets results fast. In just 30 minutes you look forward to a fitter, stronger, healthier more invigorated you! High Intensity Interval Training has been shown in study after study that it is superior to traditional long steady state cardio sessions in terms of burning fat, an elevated calorie burn post workout and preserving muscle tissue.

MetaPWR, is Metafit’s new HIIT program and our preferred method, is fundamentally a power circuit class using functional kit (such as battling ropes, medicine balls, kettle bells, sandbags and the like) and exercises to work muscle and boost metabolism. All circuits are still less than 30 min long and the perfect solution for the time poor.

Both classes will have regressions and progressions to suit individual fitness levels.


High impact exercises (that can and will be modified)

High energy soundtrack

Increased cardio vascular fitness and stamina with regular workouts

Fired up metabolism which aids weight loss and maintenance

Over before you know it!

Only 30 minutes

The total time commitment required for Metafit is substantially lower than traditional methods. This is great news, given that ‘lack of time’ remains one of the most commonly cited barrier to regular exercise participation. No time, no excuse.

Burn Fat

A study published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabiliation cited 62 overweight and obese subjects who preformed HIIT with strength training two to three times per week over nine months and saw significant improvement in both waist circumference measurements and overall body fat. In contrast, longer exercise sessions exceeding 60 minutes stimulates the overproduction of stress hormones, like cortisol. High levels of cortisol contributes to the storage of stomach fat.

Build Endurance

With Metafit, maximal exercise capacity (endurance) is increased in a very short time. HIIT has shown to improve VO2 max faster than long duration cardio.

Boost Metabolism

Another benefit of Metafit is excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This means that after you complete your workout, your oxygen consumption and calorie burning remain elevated for up to 24 hours. This higher metabolic level continues as your muscle cells are repaired and restored.

Preserve Muscle

A common frustration among dieters and weight losers/ gainers is they that gain al the weight back and more! This is because cutting calories and excessive traditional cardio encourages muscle loss. Loss of lean, metabolically active muscle tissue results in a decreased metabolism, which makes the fat come right back. Fortunately, strength training and HIIT allow you to preserve your precious muscle tissue and push your metabolism into overdrive!

​For more information on both Metafit and Meta PWR programs please check out Metafit Australia.



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