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Foam Rolling

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Foam Rolling

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A Foam Roller is a great tool for myofascial release and this is an effective therapy to heal chronic pain and injuries as well to help improve flexibility, circulation, poor posture and relaxation. Foam Rolling techniques can release the pain causing adhesions between the fascia and other tissues in the body. If you aren’t sure what that all means, then the fascia is a web of connective tissue covering nearly every cell in our body (connecting muscles, organs and bones). If you took everything out of the body apart from the fascia you could see the outline of the whole body – a bit like taking all the juice out of an orange and leaving all the membrane. Using the foam roller and myofascial techniques is a great way of helping the healing process of many of those nagging sore bits. It will also aid circulation and posture along the way, as well as provide a sneaky core workout too as a number of the exercises require a little balance!


A 45 minute class using a long 90cm firm roller

A series mobility exercises to warm up the body

Each week will focus on a particular area in addition to the back and glute muscles (which are rolled weekly – typical tight spots for most!)

Alternate weeks there is a stronger emphasis on core exercises and on the others, there is a bigger stretch component

The Foam Roller is such a versatile piece of equipment!

**the foam roller is not appropriate for some injuries. If in doubt check with your therapist or practitioner prior to starting.

Class Times(1)

  • Wednesday

    10:30 am - 11:00 am