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** Notice regarding Boxing during COVID-19**

As of June 2020, under current restrictions linked to COVID 19 and the guidelines imposed by Fitness Australia and NSW, we are unable to offer boxing in its usual format. This is because it is deemed close contact. In its place we will be offering a boxing inspired cardio workout. We will keep you updated on this matter.

This classic work out is a high energy session that will see you punch, kick and sweat your way to better fitness.


This is a favourite class of many of our clients from the young to the old, from the beginner to the more seasoned exerciser. It combines a varied mix of cardio training, strength work as well as giving the core a good work out too!

This is a boxing for fitness style of class so no experience is necessary and we will introduce all of the moves. If increased fitness and/ or weight loss make up some of your goals this is a great choice!

Its ideal for beginners , as well as the more seasoned exerciser. We explain the techniques associated with all of the punches and kicks, and its a self paced work out with absolutely no pressure to do anything you are not yet equipped to do.

We use kick shields mainly, which deliver a whole body workout much more effectively, as we can incorporate kicks as well as upper body punches. In addition to bag work, we also include a range of cardio based exercises to keep the heart rate up, body weight strength exercises as well as core work to provide a well rounded fitness session as well as variation.

Depending on numbers on we run class in pairs or trios and all moves and exercises can be scaled up or down according to fitness level/ ability.

It is a good option for anyone needing to get their heart rate up but is not able to perform high intensity exercises.

Please note, during Daylight Savings we hold this class at Eridge Park, weather permitting. In the event of rain, we will return to the studio.

Using kick shields to perform a variety of kicks, knee strikes and punches

In groups of 2 or 3

Very easy to scale intensity up and down

Boxing exercises combined with shuttle runs, cardio and strength exercises

Great for elevating your heart rate but limiting impact



6.30pm to 7.15pm