Barre Attack

Barre Attack

Barre Attack

Barre Attack


Barre is a dynamic, energetic fusion of ballet barre exercises, fitness, Pilates and yoga based stretches designed to sculpt the limbs, lift the bum, flatten the stomach against a back drop of uplifting 70 and 80’s music.


Barre Attack is FUN! Its easy to see why their popularity has soared over the last decade. It’s a chance to realise or relive those childhood ballet dreams. Its low impact but highly efficient. The core is engaged for the entirety of the class helping with form, balance and thus, posture. Add on small, isometric moves in the form of plies (and more!) to take the load away from the joints and you have yourself a workout that focuses on the muscle without adding bulk.

It is also a fantastic, supporting workout if you run. If you have been told that you need to strengthen your glutes, balance out your hamstrings and to generally work on your joint stability then this is the complimentary workout for you.


As you enter you will see a traditional ballet barre fixed to the wall. You will have a spot and will pretty much stay here for most of the class. The barre is there for support as well as to fix therabands, a common prop we use to build upper body strength. Throughout the class you will hear ballet terms such as 1st and 2nd position, plie, tendu but its not all dance – there are also lunges, rows, push ups to look forward to as well! You may also see small Pilates balls and dumbbells to add intensity to the workout. Remember that these are all body workouts and can be tiring! It’s absolutely ok to take breaks throughout the class and if those muscles start to shake, its ok! They are just nearing fatigue.


Most clients wear grippy or Pilates socks but regular socks can work fine too. Some people with chronic foot or ankle issues wear sneakers but in general, we want the foot have maximum movement possible to get the best benefit from the movements. Regular exercise gear is all that is required.


A class that loses some of the technical ballet moves and replaces them with a nod to the 80’s with grapevines, box steps, heel digs and the like. We supplement these exercises with light weights to provide some sculpting of the muscles.

Please note, that while we are wearing masks we have toned down the content but rest assured you will still get a great workout!

Barre Overview

Barre and Bands Workout

Here’s what our clients have to say…

“I’ve been doing Barre Attack with Liz for over 6 years now and its always different! I still love that burn you get so you really know those muscles are working! I love that its great on my not so great joints as there is no jumping around but you still get a good workout. There are always lots of options so if you can’t do something there is always an alternative”. – Peta

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