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Simply Fitness is currently the only local studio offering a comprehensive range of Barre Attack Fitness Training. This is an invigorating low impact but high energy fusion of ballet, Pilates and yoga. It’s an incredibly effective workout that strengthens, lengthens and sculpts your body. It also enhances your posture and improves flexibility. This is a globally acclaimed and much sought after workout method that gives a lot of benefits. With regular attendance you can expect firm, elongated muscles, toned physique, stronger and flatter abdominals, perkier butt, and increased energy. We also tailor our workouts for each individual so you’re always working at the right level for you.


Lots of small isometric moves that really burn!

Ballet inspired exercises using the barre – no dancing!

Use of equipment such as Pilates balls, small weights and Therabands

No experience of dance, ballet etc required

Deceptively challenging!

Our main program is BARRE ATTACK, is a strength and conditioning class, inspired by ballet and incorporates a traditional ballet Barre with the majority of the exercises preformed here. This energizing, but low impact, workout mixes elements of ballet barre exercises with Pilates principals, yoga stretches & functional training using therabands, small hand weights and balls to sculpt, slim and stretch your entire body. The small and controlled movements that take place are hard on the muscles, with the tiny motions, many reps, squeezes and pulses are designed to work those muscles to failure, but its low impact nature means it’s kind on the joints.

This invigorating new class can be modified to suit every age and level. Everyone works with small movements which can be limited or expanded upon to suit the individual whether they are a beginner, pregnant, injured, or an advanced exerciser needing more of a challenge. The beauty too is that no experience of dance is necessary! There is no need to fear that you can’t keep up as you will be guided through the movements and given modifications when required.

It’s also a perfect choice for those wanting to sculpt those common areas of legs, butt, arms and core! Regular participants can expect thinner thighs, firmer arms, sculpted back and a bottom with more ‘lift’. Other benefits to throw into the mix include improved balance, better posture, weight loss* and increased flexibility.

*when combined with a sensible eating plan!

SOLID CORE is a new class that is a slower in pace and much more focused on building core strength and stability. It has a bigger mat based component and the Pilates ball and elastics play a large part in this class. A great class to do if your core and flexibility could do with a make over!

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