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Virtual Training Options During COVID-19

As a result of Covid-19 we have had to drastically change the way we train. We shut our doors on Monday 23 March and since then, we have been busily finding alternative solutions.

After a few false starts, I believe we are now in a position to offer an interim program for our clients.

Whilst it is a fraction of our usual timetable, it has been designed so that clients can still do 2/3 classes a week, depending on their preferred time slot. As we evolve through this new phase I hope to be able to add, soon, more specialist and equipment based classes such as TRX, Fit Ball and Foam Rolling.

So, how does it work?

We are delivering our online program via a platform called Zoom. Its probably something you’ve heard mentioned a fair bit recently! All you need to do is download the app, or visit it on our laptop. The classes are around 40/45 minutes. In order to access the Link required to access the Meeting (session) you will need to book using the usual app we have through Glofox. This way, I know who is planning on coming and I can send you the details in good time.

Using Zoom also means that those who do not want to use Social Media, such as Facebook, don’t have to.

If though, you do have Facebook there is something on that a bit further on.

What can I expect?

I am generally there 10 min before, just like in our usual classes, if you want to hang out and have a chat beforehand. When its time to start, we mute ourselves and we get going.

For ease, I am mainly doing bodyweight workouts. Now, while this might sound really boring and easy, don’t underestimate it! Its bloody tough at times. Having said that, with the Strength classes, there is the opportunity to incorporate dumbbells etc into the workouts very easily. I also use bodyweight because everyone has that. Many people don’t have weights etc just laying around and the sports stores have been ransacked so they don’t have anything left either!

It may feel a little weird at first, but its ok! I was really against it, totally terrified of the prospect of putting myself out there in the wider domain, but you know, its not so bad. I quite enjoy it now!

So when do you do them?

  • Monday 8am Cardio
  • Tuesday 5.45pm Strength
  • Wednesday 8am Barre
  • Thursday 5.45pm Cardio
  • Friday 8am Core
  • Saturday 9am Cardio, Strength and Core

As mentioned above, I plan on adding TRX, Fit Ball Express and Foam Rolling shortly.

How do it book?

  • Download Zoom
  • Download Glofox and search for Simply Fitness. Then find a class and book in.
  • I will then send you the meeting link for the session
  • At the time of the session, click on the meeting link and you’ll go to Zoom
  • You’ll see me (hopefully!)
  • We start!

I don’t want classes, I want PT!

Now this is where it gets a bit more tricky. There are a quite a few restrictions on this as set out by the Government in past weeks. The easiest way is again, Virtually.

This can be delivered via Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Facetime etc as its just 1 on 1.

Prior to starting you’ll need to let me know what equipment you have; goals; injuries etc and then I can deliver a session in the same way I would in the studio. The only draw back is that I can’t offer you the range of training solutions that I would do at the studio.

If this is something that you prefer then drop me a line on 0438 294813.


I am also delivering, for the time being, Express Classes on my private Facebook Group called Simply Fitness Survival! This can be found from the Simply Fitness Southern Highlands Facebook page. There is one class per today, roughly as per the Zoom timetable but just a little later in the morning (9am) and a little earlier at night (5pm).  These classes of course, will remain on the feed to be viewed and actioned at any time.

End Note

So whilst its not perfect, and now where near the offering that you would usually expect from our studio, I believe that it’s a suitable interim solution. We have had good feedback to date and above all, it’s just keeping us moving (and sane!) until we can throw open our doors again with great gusto.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

All the best,


This is an invigorating low impact but high energy fusion of ballet, Pilates and yoga.

This is suspension training using a series of adjustable straps and carabiners.

This is High intensity Training at its best! A short sharp, high energy workout that gets results fast.

This classic work out is a high energy session that will see you punch, kick and sweat your way to better fitness.

Vinyasa Yoga is a gathering of physical, mental, and profound practices or teaches which started in old India.

Pilates Stick is a hot new workout straight out of Europe and America.

TRX Core is a mainly floor based program.

The best core exercises are not necessarily the classic crunches and sit ups.

The best core exercises are not necessarily the classic crunches and sit ups.

We offer a range of one-on-one personal training options which can be tailored to your specific needs, Contact us for more information.