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Meet Liz


Simply Fitness, Moss Vale’s only boutique fitness and personal training studio, was born in April 2014 but Liz, the owner and principal trainer, has been training locals since 2009. Initially training in the UK Liz moved to Australia in 2008 and picked up where she left off where personal training was concerned! Prior to opening the Simply Fitness studio Liz worked in a number of Southern Highlands gyms before running a successful outdoor fitness franchise for 4 years. After starting a family she then took to the indoor studio route.

Liz is a cert 3 and 4 qualified trainer and also has qualifications in Barre Attack, Metafit, TRX suspension training, level 1 kettle bells, pre and post natal fitness, Pilates and yoga for Personal Trainers, UKF kickboxing, Thump Boxing for Fitness, Personal Training for Children, as well as Injury a Prevention and Management in a Runners. She is also a keen runner and in Australia, has now completed 10 half marathons and 2 full marathons.

Simply Fitness, Boutique Fitness Studio, Southern Highlands, Liz Sparkes

Liz Sparkes

“I started with Liz nearly two years ago after trying other regimes. I needed a trainer who would listen and accommodate my needs such as my bodgey knee that was due for replacement. I found this in Liz and after a year, had my knee replacement, took 8 weeks off and got straight back into. This was only possible because Liz tailored the program to fit my requirements. During this period I have lost about 20 kgs so the program didn’t let me off lightly –it just worked around what I could and couldn’t do at the time. I love (that’s a strong word!) my morning class and feel so much more alive and energetic for getting up at 5.50 to start training at 6.15am. Liz you’re a legend!"

Jane Moss Vale

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Simply Fitness is a friendly, neighborhood studio and prides itself on creating a positive atmosphere that radiates energy and empowerment, thereby generating a confidence that helps clients physical ability to thrive, which ultimately sees them achieve their goals. We encourage, not lecture. We have small numbers so we can tailor our classes to suit your fitness needs, as opposed to everyone following a general choreographed plan. And most importantly, the classes and personal training sessions are designed to energise and invigorate – so much so you may forget you’re working out!

To help with clients’ nutritional goals we work with Matt O’Neills Metabolic Jumpstart program, so that they have support in both areas to achieve the best health and wellness outcome possible.

We would love to keep adding to our fitness family! If you are curious and want to see what we are all about please feel free to drop me a line and try out a class.

You can also book into our studio sessions online using the MindBody app.

How are we different?


  • 20 studio and run sessions per week across Moss Vale and Robertson
  • Early morning, evening, lunch time and weekend session times available
  • Small group numbers to ensure a personalised training experience
  • Nutritional program tailored to each client
  • Personal Training / One on One training
  • Only provider of Barre Attack in the Southern Highlands
  • Flexible pricing and membership options.